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e-mail (or use the form below this page): bart(at)
studio: de tank, Burg 4, 8000 brugge
kermisstraat 60 art gallery, roeselare:
galerie le coin c. (knokke – be en ijzendijke – nl):

all texts and photographs © bart vinckier, 2014
photo ‘I’ by inge deketelaere
photo ‘je vous ai compris’ uitgevoerd op cruze scanner by fotorama
photos buitenland II and the experiment series by jean godecharle

all works have been made with love and quality materials.
and still reasonably priced. how about that?
interested in buying art to spice up your home and life?
feel free to throw me a mail or buy directly from saatchi art


if you wonder which other artists inspire me, you can follow me on The Art Stack and get inspired yourself

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