recent work

Hi Mom, so you wonder what I have been doing in my studio lately? Honestly, I have mostly been wasting my time on the internet but somehow I also managed to produce some art.
Click on the images for details and alternative views. 

life changes. why would art stay the same?

In the most recent years my work has become more abstract. But for a long time, it used to be characterized by semi-figuration and a reduced colour palette. The image were mostly based on stills I photographed from tv when watching documentaries, then printed out and reframed.

Have a look at my archives and take a trip down memory lane.

keiner wusste
das projekt

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Maybe someday I will even paint a cookie. Or a piece of cake.
Perhaps I will be spamming you with some ads on social media or on other sites. Who knows?
But hey, wouldn’t art ads be so much cooler than the shoes or electronics advertisements?
I promise they won’t be boring.