abstract paintings

A random selection of some of the abstract works I painted over the last couple of years. Want to see them in real life? Great idea: there’s so much to miss on a screen! I’m only one call or mail away.
Click on the images for a larger view and easter eggs. 

surround yourself with art.

Whatever you’re looking for in art — an aesthetic experience, an expression of your personality, food for reflection or comfort — never assume it’s only available for the happy few.
Visit museums, art galleries, studios.
Talk to gallerists, art lovers, artists.

Read, look, explore. 
You’ll discover there’s so much out there you will love and great art you can afford.

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das projekt

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Maybe someday I will even paint a cookie. Or a piece of cake.
Perhaps I will be spamming you with some ads on social media or on other sites. Who knows?
But hey, wouldn’t art ads be so much cooler than the shoes or electronics advertisements?
I promise they won’t be boring.